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Benefits of Employee Functions

business phone system LouisvilleAt Unified, we love employee functions! We set a schedule at the beginning of the year to try to hold an employee lunch once a month. The company will provide the food for half of the luncheons and we have a theme that the employees pitch in and bring food for the rest of the lunches. When it’s the employees’ turn to bring the food we’ve found that it’s easier if you have a theme and a contest for the best dish. Next week our theme is “There’s an App for Than”. Each employee is asked to bring their best appetizer and there will be a prize for the dish voted best of the best. It’s hard, well, practically impossible to get the whole company together but since we have these every month we can usually get a good turn out overall and we all look forward to getting together especially with the other staff that we don’t see on a daily basis. We have corn hole boards and a ping pong table in our break area that doesn’t get used as often as you’d think but we do like getting together whenever we can.

Unfortunately, this is not the case at all companies. I’ve heard a lot of employers talk about the difficulty of getting their team together or the lack of enthusiasm that employees seem to have when attending employee functions. However, you shouldn’t let fear of failure keep you from trying to get your team together! Well executed employee functions can help the individuals at your business make meaningful connections with one another that will improve your company’s teamwork as well as each employee’s individual work ethic.

The key to holding employee functions that everyone will love is planning activities that people on your team will look forward to. Maybe take a poll or call a 10-minute brainstorm session for everyone to throw out ideas and then vote on the best option for your next employee function. Like most of us, your employees are most likely busy people. They have full lives and dedicate a good portion of their time and energy to your company. While you don’t want to waste their time by asking them to attend an event that is going to be a drag, most employees are eager to participate in employee functions outside of work as long as they feel comfortable being themselves and have good relationships with the people they work with. Employees will view your effort to connect with them as a positive way to improve work relationships and grow a stronger bond within the team. While it would be a good idea to personalize your employee functions based on your unique team, here are a couple guidelines that every employee is sure to love!

Good Food

Every good employee function should have good food! If you bring the food, your employees will bring the excitement. Since employee functions only happen a few times a year, it might not be a bad idea to spend a little extra money and surprise your employees with the good stuff for your event this year. However, if you are trying to cut down on spending, there are plenty of delicious catering options that offer a great price!

A Comfortable Atmosphere

If your employee function is going to be outside, make sure that you plan the event during a time of year that is not freezing cold or sweltering hot. People do not want to spend their free time being miserable. It is also important to inform your staff on proper dress code for the outing. Women will not be happy if they wear a nice dress to your employee luncheon that has a surprise team bonding ropes corse in the mud to end the day. Proper planning and communication will eliminate this frustration.

If you get these two things right and consider your employee’s interests when planning an event, your next employee function is sure to be a success! At Unified Technologies, we love helping our clients succeed. If you would like to talk to someone about increasing productivity in the workplace through a communication system, contact us here!

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