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business phone system LouisvilleIt’s important to keep up with technology. We can’t help our customers find the best solutions if we don’t know what’s out there. Yesterday, Corky Webb and Mark Minery from SinglePoint Solutions spent a few hours with our sales team explaining the new options and changes available from the local carriers. If you haven’t analyzed your business lines in the past year, you really should. There are new opportunities for bringing voice and data into your business and the restrictions and regulations change constantly. We partner with SinglePoint and Virtual Telecom to make sure that we stay abreast of the latest carrier offerings and upgrades so we can provide our customers with options and guide them to the best solutions for their business needs. Understanding what type of circuits work in what areas and what features are limited or available is confusing and complex. Our Carrier partners specialize in this area so we rely on them. We can spend more time concentrating on equipment and service and our customers can relax knowing we have their best interest at heart.

For example, SIP trunking is growing almost daily in our region. Where is it available? What limitations does each carrier have? How can SIP features work for my business? Those are all valid concerns. For more information on SIP trunking, check out our blog. For a free evaluation of your business telecommunications needs, give us a call.

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