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A Grand Slam Relationship

business phone system LouisvilleLooking back over the past seven years, a lot has happened at Unified Technologies. We started out as a group of 25 people in 2009, with no customers, no products, and no office. Now we’re one of ShoreTel‘s largest providers! In addition to our growth as a company, we have also developed a process that has contributed greatly to our success.

At Unified Technologies, we are all about building a good relationship and good experience for our customer. Some people think of installing a phone system as a boring, one-time process that leaves you high and dry with no help, but with our 9:00-5:00 customer service team, we promise to be with you every step of the way!

Over time, we hope you will learn to trust us as well as discover all the possibilities that new technology brings to the world of phone systems. We know we can find a solution to your biggest productivity problem (that you might not even know exists) and make your efficiency skyrocket!

Trust – Discover – Solution – Partner – Execute

The first thing that will happen when you contact Unified Technologies is a meeting to walk you through our Trust-Discover-Solution-Partner-Execution process. The process goes like this:

Step 1: Trust

We want to establish trust and credibility with you before anything else happens. During the initial meeting, we hope to answer any questions or concerns you may have and get to know you better. Anyone can say that they do a good job. We let our customers speak for us. We provide a complete customer list as well as a list of companies in the same vertical market so you call and check for yourself.

Step 2: Discover

The next step is probably the most important, and one that many other companies skip. It’s all about discovery. We will meet with key people throughout your company to fully understand the phone system’s role in your business. We will learn what they need in a phone system and almost always find ways of streamlining processes and making life easier for all involved. We will survey the infrastructure to eliminate any issues new technology can pose. We analyze your telephone service, looking for ways to improve what you have with new technology and/or find cost savings. This process takes time but we’ve found that if given the chance to complete the Discovery step, the installation and acceptance is much better.

Step 3: Process

After our research is complete, the information gathered is shared with our sales engineers and a solution is designed. We meet again to deliver our recommendations and the proposed solution in detail. We will sit down and talk through everything with you to make sure every detail is understood and everyone is on the same page.

Step 4: Partner

Once comfortable with our recommendation, we agree to partner to not only provide the solution but to become a true business partner for the long term.

Step 5: Execute

Lastly, we will execute our plan. Every detail gathered is discussed with the installation team. A Project Manager is assigned to see the installation through to the end. We work closely with the team or individual your company assigns to the task. We pride ourselves on training everyone so the new tools designed just for your company are used to the fullest. We follow up a week or so after to make sure everyone is comfortable with the new solution. After that, we are just a phone call away and always available for anything you may need down the road. Reach out to us today to set up an initial meeting or ask any questions about our process or our communications solutions!

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