Our Infrastructure Capabilities: Telecommunications & Surveillance

telecommunications infrastructureWe have always provided excellent infrastructure to our clients, but as the need for infrastructure services is growing, we have decided to step up our game! We would love to help you understand what this service would mean for your business.

Telecommunications is impossible without a solid infrastructure. At Unified Technologies we will not only provide you with a top-notch communication system with multiple functions, we will actually go in and lay the foundation for the system as well. That way we can be certain that everything is set up correctly so that all of the different aspects of your communication system will run together seamlessly.

For large companies, or even growing small businesses, lack of coordination can be the biggest drain on productivity. With a communication system customized to meet your needs, you will be able to page someone in a far away office, monitor who goes in and out of the building and open a door for the UPS guy delivering a package, all without leaving your desk!

Endless Possibilities in Telecommunications Infrastructure

With access control you can even shut down the entire building with the push of a button in case of a threat. Having this feature keeps your workplace secure and gives you and your workers peace of mind, knowing that everyone is safe in their work environment.

Video access will allow you to monitor any area of the building, and our access records give you the ability to go back and see who entered and exited the building at what time. Owners can also pull up a live surveillance feed at any time. This is specifically useful when the alarm system alerts the owner or manager to a problem.

Our alarm system is set up to alert a specified contact remotely if there should be a problem. Our integrated system can connect with your cellphone, so you will be notified immediately while at home if something happens. If someone broke in at night, our system would call the police and alert you on your smart phone immediately. You can read more about our business security options here.

Save Money with the Right Business Infrastructure

Our surveillance system can even save you money with motion detector technology to monitor the building at night so that you don’t have to waste money on a night guard. In addition, insurance companies often provide up to 20% reductions on business insurance when a security system is in place.

We take the time to ensure careful planning for the installation of the cables so that they are properly hidden and organized. That way if anything ever did go wrong, we would be able to go right in and fix the problem. Our infrastructure is capable of taking your business to the next level, and we hope that you will trust us with all of your business infrastructure management.

To read more about our options to help you improve your business infrastructure, check out our Telecommunications page.

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