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In this Just One Thing video, Helen Clasby, Project Manager with Unified Technologies, shares just one thing about the ShoreTel phone system and communicator that she loves.

Have you ever walked back to your office from a meeting only to see that you have multiple new messages on your voicemail? Going through them one by one can be distracting and keep you from your priorities for the day. For this reason, ShoreTel came up with something they call visual voicemail that allows you to go in and quickly see who has called you, so you can take the most important calls and leave the rest for later.

Customer feedback has shown us that this tool is also very useful when an employee is waiting on a particularly important call. If you step away from your desk and come back with more than one voicemail, you can easily find out if the call you were waiting for is there so you can make sure to prioritize it above the rest.

This can be done directly from the phone through the visual voicemail feature as well as the communicator on your desktop computer. When you go into the communicator, all messages that have not been listened to are bold, so you can quickly scan the ones that have not yet been heard. You can chose which voicemail to listen to by double clicking on the message you want to hear.

We hope this helps you navigate your voice messages and stay focused on your priorities at work. You can watch the video below for a visual demonstration on using the visual voicemail and communicator features of your ShoreTel phone system.

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