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company phone system LouisvilleCinfed Credit Union has been in business since 1934 with 7 locations in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. That’s a long time to be in business, so they must be doing something right. Very right. In this month’s spotlight, we wanted to highlight this great company and some of the things that they are doing that make them successful.

What makes Cinfed unique? Elizabeth Dodd, VP of Marketing & Member Service said, “We really do focus on service. Our mission is to be the first choice in financial solutions because we care about our members’ success. And that rings true in everything that we do. We strive to put our members and the safety and security of the credit union into every decision we make.”

“We’ve been doing a retraining on service recently to make sure we’re living our mission every day and that’s one of the things the ShoreTel technology helps us do. The ShoreTel contact center makes it easier to service our members. It helps the member service agents use their time better and get the information they need.”

What drew you to Unified Technologies? – “We had a new employee come on board that had worked with Unified and used the ShoreTel at a previous company, and when we talked about the need to do something with our old phone system, he recommended that we talk with Unified.”

Describe Unified Technologies in one word – For this Elizabeth turned to the person who works with unified the most. According to Derrell Proctor, IT, the word is friendly. Derrell values the relationship saying Unified is “friendly, easy to use, easy to talk to, easy to get to solutions”.

The application and installation. Tyler Parsons, account manager with Unified, worked with a group from Cinfed to design the pieces needed in a new ShoreTel platform to meet their mission. Cinfed was ready to move to pure IP technology so they could customize tools for their office staff and call center agents. The Communicator desktop was embraced by the entire staff allowing calls to be handled via the desktop and, at a glance, quickly obtain information about the status of all other employees, even at other locations, if the caller needs to be transferred to a different employee.

Outlook integration is very beneficial to the Cinfed employees and the Director software gives Derrell and the IT staff the ability to quickly and easily make adds, moves, and changes to the system from anywhere with internet access.

To help Cinfed strengthen and streamline their members experience inside the Call Center, Unified’s installation team customized tools and trained the Call Center Manager, Jan, and her Agents on how to best use the new solution. Call Center Agents needed the ability to quickly verify, reference, and inform members of their specific account information. With software integration, this info is readily available on the Agents screen when the call is received.

The Call Center has specific and customized Call Routing so when a call comes in it can be sent to a specific Agent associated and tagged to that Members account. Also Agents can be grouped for specific skill set for skills based routing.

Alerts make Jan Ballinger, the Contact center Supervisor, and her Agents immediately aware of what’s going on in the center. Stats like Heavy Call Flow times and times for calls on hold are better managed enhancing the member experience.

Call Center Reports – Cinfed is able to customize real-time viewing and historical reports within the ShoreTel and ECC solution.

How was the overall experience?

“I am amazed with the phone system – The conversion was concerning to me because I have staff members who find it difficult to move from systems or products they are comfortable with to something new. Well, this conversion was different – We are 4 weeks into the conversion and all staff members love the new system – Thank you for the training and Thank you for reacting so quickly when I requested additional training for my staff.”

“From the Contact Center side of our phone system conversion we are very happy and the new phone system has given us the opportunity to improve the service we provide our members.”

“Cinfed made the right choice when they made the decision to partner with Unified; the new phone system is amazing and so easy to use.” Jan Ballinger, Contact Center Manager

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