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A Grand Slam Relationship

business phone system LouisvilleIf you don’t already know him, you really need to meet Doug Banks. Doug is a valued member of Unified’s operations team. He is involved in every advanced applications installation and has become our go-to guy for just about anything technical. If you don’t know the answer or can’t find it, ask Doug. Doug has been in the telecommunications industry since 1997 and rejoined our team in September of 2014. And we are very glad he did.

Here’s a little more about him in his own words.

1. Tell us a little bit about the type of work you do at Unified Technologies.

I am a Senior Communications Engineer. I install and troubleshoot advanced applications and large enterprise systems. I also provide support to other team members and customers.

2. List out a few of your job responsibilities.

I am involved in the installation and programming of ShoreTel & Mitel telephone systems.

I also install and configure VOIP gateways, IVR, ECC and other applications.

Troubleshooting and resolving voice and data network issues for customers takes up a lot of my day.

3. When you aren’t at work, what keeps you busy?

My kids and their 4H animal projects and sports. I also help my brother-in-law on the farm during the planting and harvest season.

4. Have you always been in this industry? If not, what brought you where you are today?

No. It’s kind of interesting how I got here. I was a truck driver when I got a call from a friend asking me to come work at the local phone company. I have never regretted making that decision.

5. What’s one thing you love about what you do for a living?

Facing a new challenge every day and the feeling you get when you conquer it.

6. Tell us a little bit about what you do for fun.

Camping, fishing and going to the kids’ sporting events.

7. If you could do one thing for a living that had nothing to do with your current job, what would it be?

Farming. I have been around it my entire life. Growing up in a small town, that was really your only job choice as kid. I think once it’s in your blood, you can’t get rid of it. I believe I have the work ethic I have today because of farming.

8. Is there something fun or interesting that you’d like people to know about you?

I was born, raised and still live in Meade County. I am on the Meade County fair board.

9. Favorite food or snack?

Anything fried. Anytime we have a get-together, you can bet there is a deep fryer involved.

10. Share a little family information.

I’ve been married to my wife, Melinda for 20 years. We have a daughter, Cecilia (13) and a son John (8).

We are so happy that Doug joined our team a little over a year ago, and we are thankful for all he does to make Unified Technologies great!

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