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business phone system LouisvilleLet’s talk a little more about security. It’s hard to feel safe today, but there are several things that can be done to make your workplace a little more secure and deliver a little piece of mind while you are completing your daily tasks.

We love having visitors to our offices in Louisville and Lexington. If you want to use our conference rooms or just visit, we will welcome you with open arms. We just have to let you in. We have access controls on all the doors, and although it’s a small thing, it is reassuring to know that no one can just walk in without us knowing. When we are gone for the day, we have cameras to monitor activity around the buildings. Those cameras can be accessed from anywhere with a smart device (for that matter, so can the door access panels!) It’s piece of mind. If you don’t have control over your business, you can’t relax, especially in today’s world. The events of last week right here in Louisville are proof of that.

If you aren’t protecting your workplace, you need to. There are a lot of things to consider and a lot of options available. Technology changes and improves constantly. Today’s IP technology has reached the camera world. You can mix analog and digital cameras with IP technology for a cost efficient way to protect what’s yours. Our white paper on surveillance goes into more detail. For a free copy click here. For help designing your peace of mind, contact us.

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