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Unified Technologies ShoreTel Productivity Louisville KYThe holidays are a stressful time for everyone. There is so much extra “stuff” to get done on top of all of our normal activities and routines. We all know how our workload can take a serious hit during this time with social events and visiting family members. Unified Technologies is here to help! We have a few tips and tricks to get you through the holiday haziness while remaining productive (and sane!). Check out our tips to get through the days when…

You are feeling unproductive…

Unified Technologies hosts two events that will get you out of the office: Lunch & Learn and our User Training sessions.

  • Lunch & Learn is a great way to get away from your desk and learn a little more about what we do and our products. If you don’t already have enough holiday gatherings, this one is perfect for you. Our next Lunch & Learn is December 9, 2015 in our Louisville office and December 10th in Lexington..
  • Our User Training sessions are excellent for keeping the mind limber as the post-turkey brain sets in. Get out in the brisk air, recharge and be productive—all while learning more about the products that assist you every single day! We will Host a ShoreTel end user training class on December 16th. Click here to register. 

There is so much to do…

Let’s see: You’ve got errands to run, food to prepare and your final gift for the most difficult person to shop for… oh, and don’t forget conference calls in the office and meetings about meetings. But don’t worry, our phone systems have you covered!

One of the coolest features about our ShoreTel system is the forwarding feature. You never have to slow down again as you are headed out the door when a client dials you up at the last minute. Just transfer your call to your cell phone. Presto! You are back on your way!

There is inclement weather…

Whoops! Here comes the snow storm of the century, blowing right through your neighborhood. How will you let your clients know you will not be in the office? With just a few buttons on your phone, you can quickly dial in and change your voicemail greeting. With the ShoreTel Communicator installed on your computer, you can even access your voicemails and return calls from home. Panic is gone and mission accomplished!

The holidays are a little crazy for everyone. Schedule a consultation with Unified Technologies so we can streamline your productivity this holiday season.


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