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Phone System Productivity Unified TechnologiesWhat’s the one item on your desk you use most frequently? If you are anything like us, it’s your phone. A quick call to the neighboring cubicle, a client, or to page someone over the system, all of these things increase efficiency and productivity. That’s why we rely heavily on our phone system.

Phone systems have evolved tremendously over the years, originating from a rotary dial back then, to a savvy know-it-all system. Overall, Unified Technologies has determined phone systems greatly increase productivity throughout all office environments. Here are a few reasons why we believe a phone system will greatly increase your productivity:

Fast Communication

How many times have you needed to speak with a coworker and their desk is across the office from yours? It happens often, but with our ShoreTel system, you can quickly pick up the phone and speak with anyone in the office or make an outside call. With a press of a button, you can reach your coworker and handle business.

Our friends at The Content Squad had a similar problem. They were constantly sharing their cell phones, trecking up and down the hall to “transfer” phone calls. Now, with their brand new ShoreTel phone system, they can easily send calls to other desks and make conference calls in a snap. Read more about their experience here.

Available Features

Attempting to dial in a third person on a conference line can be a little tricky with the average system or cell phone. ShoreTel has many features that make this accessible.

Audio and video conferencing capabilities make communicating with a large group or team simultaneously a simple process. This can even be accomplished with multiple people in separate locations and time zones. Collaboration makes it possible to push projects through the finish line and is essential to keep a business moving.

This is only a small glimpse of a very capable phone system. Whether you have multiple people working remotely or several moving pieces, a dependable phone system keeps the team and business working efficiently. If you have additional questions about the ShoreTel phone system or any of the services we offer, contact Unified Technologies today.

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