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Unified Technologies Louisville ky

In our ongoing effort to provide the ultimate customer experience, we just rolled out our new ‘Tier One’ program. ‘Tier One’ is a concept that provides first call resolution to many of the issues our customers call in for assistance. If we can answer the question or clear the problem within 15 minutes, it will be taken care of during the call. We will also remote into a system to fix an issue within the hour and our goal is to clear the ticket by the end of the day at the latest. Carrier issues will be handled real-time. We’ve gone from one answering position to a call center manned with two full-time dedicated employees from our operations department. The technicians our customers are used to seeing will be manning the Tier One desk in rotation.

“We have better service guarantees than anyone. We are just trying to enhance the experience. Our main goal is first-call resolution. Some systems take a little longer to access and we’ll work between calls on those. It’s our first line of defense in emergencies. In the 14 day trial period, we resolved 15% of the service calls real time,” said Paul Schulten, Vice President of Operations.

Today, the group consists of William Leet, certified and trained on all Unified products and Candace Soward, currently in training on all products.

According to William, “Customers were surprised at first to hear a man answer calls, but they are quickly getting used to it. Our customers seem a lot happier and really appreciate getting their issues resolved immediately.”

So, the question is… Why the title More Cow Bell?

Every time a Tier One issue is resolved, the person responsible will ring a cow bell. If you are visiting our office for a seminar or presentation and hear bells, that’s a good thing. It means that a customer has been helped. We are hoping to hear bells all day. When Paul says “I gotta have more cowbell” our customers reap the benefits.

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