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Managed Voice ServiceRecently, we blogged about the feedback we have received from a few of our customers. As we have said before, we are determined to provide the best experience for our customers. That’s why we have invested the time and energy in making sure all of our employees are well-versed in our services and provide the customer with an excellent experience from start to finish.

When you purchase a phone system, the experience should be no different. We have laid out a few of the “perks” of not only purchasing a phone system, but the experience, too.

Friendly Staff

You may have read our employee spotlight on Candace Soward. She is the first voice you will hear when you call Unified Technologies, and it’s one of the many things we want our customers to remember. A first impression is a lasting one.

At Unified Technologies, we have friendly staff who will assist you from start to finish. From the receptionist to the sales person to the technician, we want you to receive the best service possible.

Detailed Assessment

Unified Technologies will conduct an assessment to determine your needs before you purchase the phone system. We will ask a series of question and take a look around your office to better understand your needs.

How many phones do you need? Do you need conferencing capabilities? What about web conferencing?

All of these are questions that will help us determine which phone system is the right one for you. We can also assist you with additional services you may need. Then, we will move on to installation, train you and your employees on the new system and continue monitoring your services with us.


The customer experience doesn’t stop after the assessment and installation. Unified Technologies assumes an ongoing responsibility for monitoring, managing and problem solving our customers’ voice technology systems. This means we don’t simply plug it in and walk away. We can walk you through the process of how to use your phone system. Our knowledgeable technicians can walk you through the process step-by-step, answering any questions you may have.

Unified Technologies wants our customers to enjoy their services with us and utilize them to the full extent. Excellent customer service greatly determines the success you will have with your phone system. From start to finish, we make sure you have the best experience possible. Contact us to learn more about our phone systems.

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