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shoretel-logo-webRecently, Nemertes Research conducted a study for IP telephony and on-premises Unified Communications. ShoreTel, the leading provider of brilliantly simple phone systems and unified communications (UC) solutions, delivers the lowest first-year and five-year costs against eight competitors.

In the study, Nemertes gathered real-world cost data from 264 organizations for seven leading IP telephony and unified communications vendors. The companies interviewed and surveyed represented a range of industries and sizes.

Nemertes logoThe study found that competition is high among vendors who are offering lower prices and organizations are spending less each year on their services. Additionally, the study found that organizations are increasingly moving to or evaluating the cloud for some or all of their operations.

ShoreTel has made a name for itself maintaining the lowest first-year operational costs for all size rollouts. Its first-year costs for IP Telephony across all size rollouts are $566 compared to a median of $717 across all vendors.

“What’s important to highlight is that this research is based on what companies are actually spending on their solutions. Operational costs are the most important of all, and organizations using ShoreTel spend significantly less to operate their systems than those who use other providers,” said Robin Gareiss, president of Nemertes Research. “Based on the data, ShoreTel customers spend less initially and over time on their solutions. The IP Telephony and UC environments are changing rapidly and we recommend IT leaders negotiate hard, run cost models for five years out, and pay particular attention to implementation and operations costs.”

To read the full Nemertes white paper, please visit here.

Unified Technologies prides itself on its proven 5 step process, especially the Discovery step. Unified Technologies evaluate every aspect of your communications expenses from carrier billing to power consumption to man hours required to manage the system. For more information or to schedule an appointment to have a free assessment conducted for your organization, visit www.unified-team.com.

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