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A Grand Slam Relationship

Ninja CandaceDoes anybody like Automated Attendants? Press 1 for this, 2 for that, 3 for a long list of other things you can press and so on? I didn’t think so, but apparently they are pretty well accepted, especially in certain vertical markets. The blog linked below states 4 simple suggestions for your auto attendant design. Short and Sweet is the key. Get to the point and keep options to a minimum. Your initial message should be under 5 seconds and the number of options between 3 and 5 and no more than 8.

When we work with a customer on their new phone equipment design, we make recommendations on the auto attendant layout. And, depending on the industry, we try to keep the information provided (and especially the hold time to a live person) short and sweet.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that, in our ‘texting, emailing, web searching society’, 48% of the people surveyed preferred a phone call as their initial contact with local businesses. Phones are still the lifeline of business. How often are you surprised when a ‘real’ person answers the phone? I know I am.

We have a great ‘ninja’ as the voice of Unified. Candace is pleasant, conscientious, efficient and knowledgeable; everything you want from the person at the other end of your phone call. I’m glad she’s the first impression people calling in to our company receive because you can’t make a first impression twice.

To read the complete report and the results of a study by Software Advice, a Gartner Company, click here.


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