You guys have been awesome!

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Customer Feedback: You guys have been awesome!

Unified Technologies averages about 84 service tickets a day.  Those come in through emails to our service mailbox, phone calls and tickets submitted by Unified’s employees.

Every once in a while we are pleasantly surprised when one of those emails is not a service request but a compliment.  We got one of those yesterday.

While going through the service mailbox, Candace opened this message from Tyrone Evans at Jones Plastic

“Just wanted to take a second to say thanks! You guys have been awesome! From the reception to the engineers! Take care all!!”

Thanks so much, Tyrone.  It’s always a pleasure to serve and assist our customers and it’s especially nice to hear a kind word or compliment once in a while.  It makes me want to commend the people I interact with throughout the day.  You know who I’m talking about; the people that go above and beyond or simply do their job in an ‘awesome’ way.  The next time someone makes it a true pleasure to do business with them, I will tell them and the company they work for.

Jones Plastic became a Unified customer when we completed an installation and upgrade of their Mitel system. We like to learn from every connection we make and every bit of customer feedback we get from our work.

If you’ve benefited from our solutions, we’d love nothing more than for you to share your experience with others. Businesses like us benefit from customer feedback. It’s very easy to leave a Google Review for us by clicking here and selecting “Write a review”

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