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UnknownGet moving.  Stand, don’t sit. If those phrases sound like leftovers from your New Year’s Resolutions, think again.  While many of us vowed to shed some pounds and improve our health in 2015 there’s new proof that moving can also contribute to our brainpower.  As explained in the article below, a study at Washington University found that moving around can help employees be more creative and be more engaged with their peers. Companies looking for an edge to coax the best and brightest of the new ‘millennials’ may find that offering a more mobile work environment could be the thing.  There are many options out there that could provide such mobility.  We can help you leverage technology to provide the best solutions for your workforce.

When most organizations think about making a change to their business communications solutions, they normally consider the benefits they will experience and the competitive advantages the new tools will bring. Most companies, however, don’t think about whether or not their employees will enjoy using the features or how they will interact with new services. Employees’ satisfaction with and interest in communication solutions will become an increasingly important factor in the decision-making process when implementing new tools as a growing number of millennials join the workforce.

Millennials – the generation roughly born between 1985 and 2000 – came of age in a time when technology was available at every turn, and those born closer to 2000 grew up with cellphones and computer permeating all parts of their lives. As the enterprise becomes more fully staffed by members of this generation, the technology that is such a big part of their lives will be expected to be available in their workplace as well. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 50 percent of the workforce in the U.S. will be made up of millennials in the next five years. By 2025, three-quarters of the jobs in the U.S. will be claimed by the group.


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