ShoreTel ‘300th’ Customer Contest

We started a contest back in September to see which of our employees could guess the exact date and time we would add our 300th ShoreTel customer. (Think expectant mother – due date) It was a blind guess. No one knew what the other guesses were until all were posted. We announced new customers in our Operations Meeting every Friday and wrote the name of the new customer on a brick to add to our wall. Queue Pink Floyd here… another brick in the wall…

The guesses ranged from Halloween to the New Year and it finally came down to Mary Pat Bauman. She picked December 26th at 4:00. (Yeah, like a sales rep is going to be working the day after Christmas at 4:00). She’s new so maybe it was beginner’s luck because the week before and after Christmas the sales team went crazy and brought in the final 5 contracts that got us to our 300th ShoreTel customer. Mary Pat won an iPad and we achieved our goal in record time. Thanks to all who participated and to all 300 of our ShoreTel customers who have partnered with us over the past 4 ½ years.

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