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A Grand Slam Relationship

In a perfect world our process works, well, perfectly.  We pride ourselves on discovering everything we can about a customer’s business, work with each department individually, program and train thoroughly and then install a system that will, hopefully, make the business better and the employees happier and more productive.  The whole process requires time and we like to have at least a month to complete it.

That’s in a perfect world.  Sometimes though, things happen and we need to move quickly through the process.  The bottom line is that we will try to do whatever we can to help a customer.  Over the last month we’ve had two situations where we met with the customer, ordered, programmed, trained and installed a new system in the course of a few days.  Not always ideal, but our dedicated employees seem to thrive in crisis mode.

Z Salon had trouble a few weeks ago with their older NEC system.  They were in a bind and needed something done immediately so their business would not suffer.  They called on Monday.  We jumped in, quickly took stock of the situation, recommended, programmed and installed a new ShoreTel system over the next weekend.

A few weeks later we met with Fenley Real Estates.  Same sort of issues…Same results. In this case, Fenley had an older Nortel system where the Call Pilot Voicemail had suddenly died. They had a received pretty pricey quote from their previous provider to refurbish the Call Pilot. But why throw money into old technology? Fortunately, we were able to work with them-quickly- to upgrade their 50 office suites with a new ShoreTel VoIP system. Our dedicated operations staff, already booked with upcoming installations, worked over another weekend to make sure Fenley did not miss a call or a message.

Here is a wonderful note of confidence that we received from Deborah Hawthorne at Fenley Real Estate.

“I wanted to send a note of thanks to your entire team at Unified Technologies for the effort that went into the installation of our new phone system at Fenley Office Suites at Brownsboro. Each of your employees went above and beyond to get system up and running for us in a very short period of time. Everyone performed their roles with professionalism and excellence. Ashley Easton did a superb job with the project coordination and programming which made everything run smoothly and the transition almost seamless to our clients. We look forward to our continued business relationship with Unified Technologies.”

Deborah F Hawthorne

Fenley Real Estate

Thank you, Deborah! We are looking forward to a great partnership with your team in the future.  And from the CFO – Lynda Wilbourn

Thanks Mike.  Your team has been fantastic!

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