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A Grand Slam Relationship

Sometimes you don’t appreciate cutting edge technology until you really need to put it to use.

Last night, our investor meeting was interrupted by smoke billowing from the electrical box on the outside of our building.  Three fire trucks and a few hours later, the danger was gone but so was the electricity to the building.  So, we are without power today.  Did you notice?  Probably not.  The entire staff is hard at work across the city and surrounding counties.  A single generator powering our ShoreTel telephone system lets us work as if we were in the office. We were fortunate to have a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan in place that includes Shoretel’s Mobility. If you call my direct line, I’ll answer it.  If Brian needs to contact me from his home in Oldham County, he can dial my extension and I’ll answer from my home or car using ShoreTel’s Mobility and my cell phone.

We may not have lights or air conditioning in our office, but we have complete connectivity to our customers and team members thanks to ShoreTel’s Mobility.  It’s a nice feeling knowing that we are prepared for any type of emergency. And with the crazy Ohio River Valley weather we have and an unpredictable winter coming, who knows when we will need to put our DR plan in effect again!

The good news is that everyone is OK and the Unified Technologies office will be just fine. Once we receive an all clear from the fire department, we will be back in our office. In the meantime, we will be relying on Shoretel’s Mobility, as we continue to serve our customers and grow our business.

-Teri U’Sellis, Unified Technologies

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