ShoreTel’s E911 & Emergency Notification Application

ShoreTel provides some out of the box and add-on E911 capabilities that some of our other VoIP competitors cannot with their solutions.

Out of the box, ShoreTel allows outpulse of a Caller’s Emergency Service Identification (CESID) number when an emergency number is dialed. The CESID number may be the main number attached to a certain building while normal calls outpulse a DID or different number outbound for caller ID.  ShoreTel can also send alert notifications when someone dials 911 as an event filter to an e-mail address of administrators in the facility.

ShoreTel also offers an advanced application add-on for both emergency and code blue events.  The add-on is a computer program that runs on a user’s PC.  When someone dials 911 or 611 (Code Blue) it will screen pop on the user’s PC screen, tell them what extension dialed the code, where the extension is located, and an assortment of other pre-programmed information about the user’s extension.

Just another difference the ShoreTel platform has to offer!

For more information, please contact:  Brian Borgman | 502.708.3335 |

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