Unified Technologies provides Van Zandt, Emrich & Cary a “policy” for a smooth relocation

The following is an email we received from our new customer, Van Zandt, Emrich & Cary Insurance.  To give a little background, they were building a new building and chose to purchase a new communications platform from Unified Technologies for their new location.  Following our Discovery process, we recommended that they install their new platform in their current location…Rather then them moving to their new location and learning their new communications platform at the same time.  Through our experience with other customers that have relocated and with Van Zandt, Emrich & Cary’s specific needs, we felt it would be much less stress on their team if they were not also trying to install and learn a new communications platform at the same time as their relocation.  In order to help them with their decision, Unified Technologies agreed to move the new system and reinstall it into the new facility at no additional cost to Van Zandt, Emrich & Cary.

Below is the email that Van Zandt, Emrich & Cary’s Chief Operating Officer, Steven H. Shubert, sent us validating our recommendation…

“Just a note to confirm with you the wisdom of installing our new phone system in advance of our move.  As you know, we installed this in November at your recommendation.  It provided us an opportunity to work through the transition of the new phone system prior to the move so that it is one less transition we have to experience once we are in our new building.

I think we all have a tendency not to want to address change when we don’t have to.  It’s nice to have this behind us at this point as it is one less concern we have as we address our pending move.  We have also experienced your service and attention to detail during the installation so that our concerns involving your moving of our equipment are alleviated!

Frankly, your recognition of our needs and providing us this solution is what differentiated you from your competitors.  Thank you for your good work!”

After working with hundreds of customers over the years that have been in similar situations, it is gratifying to get confirmation from a customer that our recommendations really helped them through what is always a trying experience…the relocation of a company.

For further information, please contact:  Jeff Welton | 502.708.3336 | jwelton@unified-team.com

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