ShoreTel’s Mobility Applications

From time to time, we’re asked to give details on specific categories of applications we offer.  The following is a detailed summary of ShoreTel’s Mobility Applications.  I’m hopeful these might be useful for those of you trying to gain a better understanding of the various Mobility Applications available on the ShoreTel platform.

  • Office Anywhere: This standard ShoreTel application gives users the ability to use any phone with dial tone to act as their extension.  Incoming calls are automatically routed to the user’s specified location while outgoing calls automatically originate from the users’ extension displaying all office caller ID information.  Great application for users to seamlessly work from any location.  The application gives users the ability to use their home or mobile phone as their main extension while using their office lines for outgoing dial tone.
  • Find Me: This standard ShoreTel application enables users the ability to allow incoming callers to reach them wherever they may be at any given time.  Application gives users the ability to have up to two other numbers that the system locate them if they don’t answer their desk phone.  The application also allows users to specify when they want to be located based on their current call handling mode.
  • Hot Desking: This standard ShoreTel application allows users to log into any ShoreTel phone on their network and automatically changes that phone’s settings to match their “home” extension.  All incoming calls now ring to the new location including voicemail notifications and direct dial numbers.  Great for users that travel and work out of multiple offices within the organization.
  • Twinning: This standard ShoreTel application enables users to simultaneously ring up to two additional devices.  It also allows users to quickly and seamlessly transfer calls from their desk phone to their mobile phone.
  • Unified Messaging: This standard ShoreTel application enables users to receive their voicemails directly into their Inbox.
  • Soft Phone: Using the Professional (or greater) Access License, users can connect to any high speed internet connection and use their PC as their extension.  The best thing about this application is it doesn’t have any additional software interfaces that a user must learn…which is typical of most soft phone applications.  Users simply open their existing Communicator license, VPN to their network through a high speed internet connection, and begin using their Communicator license just as if they were sitting in their office.  Audio and microphone connections to the PC required.
  • Mobile Communicator License: Keeps on-the-go users connected via an application on their smartphones; whether a Blackberry or iPhone.  This application improves mobile phone users’ productivity with seamless remote access to voicemail, corporate directories and address books, call history, extension assignment settings, and call routing logic.  Mobile workers can instantly switch their extension to a mobile phone, depending on their activity and location.
  • RoamAnywhere Application: Designed to extend Unified Communications (UC) applications with presence information to a wide range of single- and dual-mode (WiFi+Cellular) mobile handsets including BlackBerry, iPhone and Nokia.  End users can enjoy enterprise deskphone features such as extension dialing, call transfer and directory query on their smartphones. Additionally, they can make and receive calls from both enterprise and personal cellular numbers while the best network work (Wi-Fi or cellular) is automatically selected. Fast and automatic network handover helps call continuity across networks, and moves calls to Wi-Fi when available, thereby slashing mobile costs.

For additional information regarding ShoreTel’s Mobility Applications, please contact:  Brian Borgman | 502.708.3335 |

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