ShoreTel just made it easier to get away from your desk

ShoreTel is taking another great step forward in the their goal of “Brilliantly Simple” communications.

A few months ago ShoreTel announced¬† the purchase of Agito Networks (“Agito”), a leader in platform-agnostic enterprise mobility. What platform-agnostic means is that it will work with any carrier or any device.

Regardless of your choice of phone or carrier, ShoreTel will soon have the capability for your mobile device to be your office phone. For example, you could call someone on your cell phone and it would route through your Wide Area Network and the call would look like it was coming from your office. More importantly, calls to your desk can seamlessly ring to your cell phone as well.

Yes, folks, this is not your “typical” PBX call forwarding feature.

With the purchase of Agito, ShoreTel can now extend some of the great features like presence to ANY DEVICE a user is using.  The calls you make from your mobile device will soon be able to transfer seamlessly to either your cellular or Wi-Fi networks without missing a beat.

Take a look at this quick video to get a better understanding of the ShoreTel Mobility capabilities.

ShoreTel has an app for that. Get away from your desk easier.

If you would like more information, please phone or email:  Dustin Wunderlich | 859-899-3313 |

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