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A Grand Slam Relationship

Thank You.

Every Friday morning we have an operations meeting so that sales and the tech teams are all on the same page. No biggie….

But what is worth noting in these meetings is the way we start them out.  The Friday meetings open with each person going around and thanking other members of the team.  This is one of the tiny but significant things that separates Unified Technologies from our competitors.  It’s simple really, we appreciate each others help and openly express it.

It’s easy to be in the heat of the work week and lean on someone for something you needed “yesterday” or get help with something where you don’t have the slightest clue. At times it gets intense and even a little stressful. But the Friday meetings bring back together the team mentality that has been so vital to the success of our company.

I don’t think it is a stretch to say that our team working together and saying thank you has helped us get to where we are….. And where we are is coming off of back to back record months.

Keep it up team.

Thank You!

Dustin Wunderlich Dwunderlich@unified-team.com 859-899-3313

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