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As companies look to migrate from traditional telephony to VoIP implementations, infrastructure becomes a HUGE factor for a successful deployment. We always have to understand the cabling that is in place, switch gear, etc.

We met with a company last week that was in a 200 year old building and were utilizing wireless routers for their data connections because cabling the building for Cat5 was cost prohibitive. In addition, cabling a facility that old would be very disruptive and potentially endanger the integrity of the historical building.

Not long ago that would have dictated that this company stay with traditional telephony because Cat3 cabling was the only cabling available to the workstations.

Buying a traditional telephony platform is kind of like throwing away your VHS VCR to buy another VHS VCR. Most people want to migrate to DVD’s…

Unified Technologies has identified an exciting new technology we can deploy in an environment exactly like this that allows us to utilize the power outlets to deliver ethernet to the work stations.

As a result we can now provide a hardwired, more reliable and faster internet connection to their computers. It also allows us to deploy a VoIP platform and the company will realize all the benefits inherent with new technology.

In addition, its FAR more cost effective to deploy this solution versus running the Cat5 cables. We’ve seen cable runs as high as $1000 each to cable a facility of that age with closed in cielings, etc. Not to mention that it much less disruptive to the business and will protect the integrity of the historical building.

We have an outstanding solution for businesses in older buildings that face an infrastructure issue and need a creative and reliable solution for delivering ethernet to the workstations.

Mike Gabhart, Consultant

Unified Technologies

Phone/Mobile:  502.708.3337


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