Nightmare experiences with VoIP

This week we met with two different businesses (prospective customers) regarding VoIP issues/concerns, and felt the need to blog about it.

WARNING: VoIP is an industry buzzword, but when someone uses the term they could be referring to any one of about 10 different things! I respectfully ask that businesses considering “VoIP” please be very careful and consult with a knowledgeable industry veteran before making any changes to their situation. PLEASE!!! This can be a very painful experience if you choose the wrong partner to entrust with this transition from traditional telephony to VoIP.

Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that can be leveraged to increase profitability within a company. But what does that mean?

  1. Does it mean free or cheap long distance?
  2. Does it mean I can run my phone lines over our existing internet connection?
  3. Does it mean connecting multiple locations to act as a single image?
  4. Does it mean the ability to transfer calls seamlessly between locations without asking your customer, “Please hang up and dial…”?
  5. Does it mean getting your voicemails delivered to your email?
  6. Does it mean the ability to have calls routed seamlessly from your office phone to your cellphone?
  7. Does it mean the ability to have a software application on your desktop that controls your phone?
  8. Does it mean the ability to see the “presence”  of all the other users on your system?
  9. Does it mean I get my voice lines delivered over a T1 and get more internet bandwidth when I am not using the phone “line”?
  10. Does it mean I can have direct phone numbers for my employees?
  11. Does it mean we no longer have a phone system to maintain in our office and we rent an IP seat with a VoIP provider?
  12. Does it mean I can unplug my VoIP phone, take it home with me and still take calls?
  13. Does it mean the phone is plugged into a data cable instead of a phone cable (Cat3)?

When you migrate to VoIP the answer to ALL these questions is “maybe”.

When considering VoIP for your business, the most important thing, by far, is selecting a trusted partner that understands your business. Migrating to VoIP technology is probably a very good thing for your business, but make sure you understand its impact on your organization BEFORE implementation.

Michael Gabhart, Sales Consultant


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