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Over the years, companies do some unusual things with their telco provider. They may install a phone line for a modem, they may “remote call forward” or RCF a number or add some other feature that they forget they have and never use.

These things cost money. And over time, if a company does not review their monthly telco expense, these small charges will add up.

This week we worked with a company that was spending $500/mo. to RCF a group of phone numbers. When we asked the company about these charges, they couldn’t even remember why they had set it up that way many years ago. We did a traffic study and found that the RCF lines weren’t ever used. That means they had been spending this extra money per month for a feature they didn’t even use! That adds up to thousands of dollars in wasteful spending.

Just last month we ran into a company that was still spending $.25/min for LD. That sounds crazy but if you don’t review your contracts, these things happen.

Ran into another company about a month ago still supporting 30 individual phone lines from Bell (1FB’s). Paying for 30 individual phone lines is far more expensive than investing in PRI service. Even after paying for the new phone system to support PRI, that company saved thousands of dollars a year and gained more features that positively impacted their business.

We would encourage businesses to have an objective industry professional review your telco expense atleast every 3 years to make sure they are:
1. Paying market rate for current services

2. Aren’t paying for services they don’t use.

3. Are leveraging the newest technology to help drive down operational expense.

Unified Technologies provides a free analysis and consultation for our prospective clients. We want to help your business increase revenues while driving down expenses.

Mike Gabhart


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