Unified Technologies provides Van Zandt, Emrich & Cary a “policy” for a smooth relocation

The following is an email we received from our new customer, Van Zandt, Emrich & Cary Insurance.  To give a little background, they were building a new building and chose to purchase a new communications platform from Unified Technologies for their new location.  Following our Discovery process, we recommended that they install their new platform in their current location…Rather then them moving to their new location and learning their new communications platform at the same time.  Through our experience with other customers that have relocated and with Van Zandt, Emrich & Cary’s specific needs, we felt it would be much less stress on their team if they were not also trying to install and learn a new communications platform at the same time as their relocation.  In order to help them with their decision, Unified Technologies agreed to move the new system and reinstall it into the new facility at no additional cost to Van Zandt, Emrich & Cary.

Below is the email that Van Zandt, Emrich & Cary’s Chief Operating Officer, Steven H. Shubert, sent us validating our recommendation…

“Just a note to confirm with you the wisdom of installing our new phone system in advance of our move.  As you know, we installed this in November at your recommendation.  It provided us an opportunity to work through the transition of the new phone system prior to the move so that it is one less transition we have to experience once we are in our new building.

I think we all have a tendency not to want to address change when we don’t have to.  It’s nice to have this behind us at this point as it is one less concern we have as we address our pending move.  We have also experienced your service and attention to detail during the installation so that our concerns involving your moving of our equipment are alleviated!

Frankly, your recognition of our needs and providing us this solution is what differentiated you from your competitors.  Thank you for your good work!”

After working with hundreds of customers over the years that have been in similar situations, it is gratifying to get confirmation from a customer that our recommendations really helped them through what is always a trying experience…the relocation of a company.

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ShoreTel’s Mobility Applications

From time to time, we’re asked to give details on specific categories of applications we offer.  The following is a detailed summary of ShoreTel’s Mobility Applications.  I’m hopeful these might be useful for those of you trying to gain a better understanding of the various Mobility Applications available on the ShoreTel platform.

  • Office Anywhere: This standard ShoreTel application gives users the ability to use any phone with dial tone to act as their extension.  Incoming calls are automatically routed to the user’s specified location while outgoing calls automatically originate from the users’ extension displaying all office caller ID information.  Great application for users to seamlessly work from any location.  The application gives users the ability to use their home or mobile phone as their main extension while using their office lines for outgoing dial tone.
  • Find Me: This standard ShoreTel application enables users the ability to allow incoming callers to reach them wherever they may be at any given time.  Application gives users the ability to have up to two other numbers that the system locate them if they don’t answer their desk phone.  The application also allows users to specify when they want to be located based on their current call handling mode.
  • Hot Desking: This standard ShoreTel application allows users to log into any ShoreTel phone on their network and automatically changes that phone’s settings to match their “home” extension.  All incoming calls now ring to the new location including voicemail notifications and direct dial numbers.  Great for users that travel and work out of multiple offices within the organization.
  • Twinning: This standard ShoreTel application enables users to simultaneously ring up to two additional devices.  It also allows users to quickly and seamlessly transfer calls from their desk phone to their mobile phone.
  • Unified Messaging: This standard ShoreTel application enables users to receive their voicemails directly into their Inbox.
  • Soft Phone: Using the Professional (or greater) Access License, users can connect to any high speed internet connection and use their PC as their extension.  The best thing about this application is it doesn’t have any additional software interfaces that a user must learn…which is typical of most soft phone applications.  Users simply open their existing Communicator license, VPN to their network through a high speed internet connection, and begin using their Communicator license just as if they were sitting in their office.  Audio and microphone connections to the PC required.
  • Mobile Communicator License: Keeps on-the-go users connected via an application on their smartphones; whether a Blackberry or iPhone.  This application improves mobile phone users’ productivity with seamless remote access to voicemail, corporate directories and address books, call history, extension assignment settings, and call routing logic.  Mobile workers can instantly switch their extension to a mobile phone, depending on their activity and location.
  • RoamAnywhere Application: Designed to extend Unified Communications (UC) applications with presence information to a wide range of single- and dual-mode (WiFi+Cellular) mobile handsets including BlackBerry, iPhone and Nokia.  End users can enjoy enterprise deskphone features such as extension dialing, call transfer and directory query on their smartphones. Additionally, they can make and receive calls from both enterprise and personal cellular numbers while the best network work (Wi-Fi or cellular) is automatically selected. Fast and automatic network handover helps call continuity across networks, and moves calls to Wi-Fi when available, thereby slashing mobile costs.

For additional information regarding ShoreTel’s Mobility Applications, please contact:  Brian Borgman | 502.708.3335 | bborgman@unified-team.com

Business mobility set to accelerate past $6 billion

As voice-over-IP (VoIP) proves itself a powerful solution for businesses around the world, experts are seeing a huge demand for VoIP in the mobile world.

Indeed, business mobile VoIP gateway revenues are expected to soar past $6 billion in 2015, according to research firm, In-Stat, in a recent report.

“Mobile VoIP has only recently begun being implemented in the business environment,” says Amy Cravens, market analyst for In-Stat, in a press release citing the report. “One of the key benefits of mobile VoIP for enterprises is extending desk phone functionality to mobile devices. Business-oriented solutions will essentially enable the users’ cellphones to become an extension of their desk phones and will deliver, in addition to voice, a unified communications experience, including email, IM, and collaboration.”

To read more of this article, click here.

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The Impact of Social Media

For those of you interested in or trying to figure out how to implement various Social Media tools into your business, this video may help motivate you to implement now rather than later!!

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Final Verdict for Stites & Harbison’s Communication Solution: Unified Technologies

Unified Technologies is proud to announce their newest client, Stites & Harbison Attorneys.  After a thorough analysis of the communication providers in the area, Unified Technologies was chosen as the partner of choice for the law firm.

“I am glad we were able to come to an agreement yesterday.  All of us were hoping that Unified would be our partner in this undertaking.  Your staff made a huge impression with our people throughout the bid and interview process.  We all look forward to working with Unified through the implementation phase and feel confident in your ability to give us the support we will need down the road.”

– Roy Kitchen, Stites & Harbison – Director of Facilities

Stites & Harbison, PLLC, is a preeminent law firm based in strategic Southeastern locations and sought by business and institutional clients nationwide for sophisticated transactions, difficult litigation and complex regulatory matters.  Tracing its origins to 1832, Stites & Harbison is one of the oldest law practices in the nation and among the largest law firms in the region.

Stites & Harbison has approximately 240 attorneys and a support staff of almost 300. The firm’s attorneys are currently admitted to practice in 24 states and the District of Columbia; 17 are Registered U.S. Patent Attorneys and nine have earned LEED Accredited Professional or LEED Green Associate credentials.  The firm is also a member of the U.S. Green Building Council.

The firm and its attorneys are well-represented in numerous national, regional and state ratings lists.

  • In 2010, U.S. News & World Report and Best Lawyers rated the “Best Law Firms” in America.  Stites & Harbison’s total of 47 First Tier Ratings was the 26th highest total among the approximately 9,000 law firms surveyed
  • 73 lawyers are listed in The Best Lawyers in America® 2011
  • 47 are listed in the current Super Lawyers magazine, representing the top five percent of lawyers in their state
  • 32 are listed in the current edition of Chambers USA: America’s Leading Lawyers for Business
  • two are listed in Nashville Business Journal’s Best of the Bar for 2010
  • three are listed in the Best 150 Lawyers 2010 by Business Tennessee magazine, and
  • 40 are listed in Louisville Magazine’s Top Lawyers in 2009

Stites & Harbison’s mission is to place the highest priority on client service and, as a result, to become the highest quality provider of legal services to their clients, regardless of their size or location.  To that end, our organizations were a good fit for one another.  We appreciate the trust that Stites & Harbison has placed in our Unified Team, and we look forward to continuing to forge this new relationship with one of the premier law firms in the region.

For further information, please contact:  Cecy Haney | 859.219.1203 | chaney@unified-team.com